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Ogoni Youth Federation (OYF) Worldwide, Tai Chapter Passes Vote of Confidence on President General of OYF, Chief (Dr) Legborsi Yamaabana

By November 27, 2023No Comments

In an extraordinary show of solidarity, the Ogoni Youth Federation (OYF) Worldwide Tai Chapter has unequivocally expressed support for Chief (Dr) Legborsi Yamaabana, the President General.

The chapter attributes the alleged suspension to the actions of a few individuals within the OYF, whom were influenced by bribes for personal gains from the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP). Comrade Sunebari Mesua, Secretary of Tai Chapter of OYF moved the motion for a vote of confidence, and the motion was seconded by Joseph Deedua, garnering a unanimous adoption from all stakeholders and members who were present at the meeting.

Addressing the suspended members, the chapter emphasizes the importance of respecting and abiding by the decision of the congress. We urge the suspended individuals vis Emmanuel Bie, Dimkpa Kingsley, Ntormabari Mesua and Lene Lekue Kingsley to fully comply with their suspension and take this time for reflection and adherence to the principles of OYF.

Bee Ogoni Naa’lee pe.

John Nbara
Coordinator, OYF Tai Chapter

Sunebari Mesua
Secretary, OYF Tai Chapter

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