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Ogoni Youth urges KENPOLY to rescind ‘No School Fees, No Exam’ decision

By October 21, 2021March 12th, 2022No Comments

…demand Dissolution of Governing Council, Sack of Acting Rector.

THE Ogoni Youth Federation has described the decision of the authorities of Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, Bori (KENPOLY) to stop students from taking examinations over non-payment of school fees as barbaric and condemnable. This obnoxious policy must be halted forthwith.

It is insensitive on the part of the authorities of KENPOLY to be frustrating students they were supposed to help graduate on time. This development has reduced KENPOLY to the level of secondary school where students are chased away for non-payment of school fees. This is alien to tertiary education system and those who made the decision have no respect for education.

Students should be allowed to pursue their education unhindered and be compelled to clear all outstanding school fees upon graduation and before collection their certificates. This is how it is practiced globally and I am sure, some management staffs of KENPOLY benefited from this arrangement.

The future KENPOLY students, majority who are from Rivers State, are being tampered with. Not taking the exams will amount to not going for NYSC with their colleagues from other institutions and repeating extra year, which involves extra cost and would be a double jeopardy for the students and their parents/guardians.G

We therefore call on the Governor of Rivers State and Visitor to the polytechnic to not only cause this detasteful decision to be rescinded but to dissolve the Governing Council and sack the acting Rector of the institution.

Education is a right not a privilege.


Legborsi Yamaabana
President-General, OYF
21st October, 2021

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